ICS榛子朱古力咖啡 x 2 包

ICS榛子朱古力咖啡 x 2 包

品 牌:ICS
型 號:T521X2
價格: HK283.00
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ICS 榛子朱古力咖啡 (每包1千克) (每包可冲約50杯)

 沖調示範: 2分鐘調製美味朱古力奶昔


荷蘭 ICS Hazelnut Choco Cappuccino “榛子朱古力咖啡” 優質榛子和低脂可可併配出的香濃榛子朱古力咖啡。

Tasting notes:

ICS Hazelnut Choco Cappuccino is elegant tasty and creamy cocoa beverage in perfect harmony. Bring rich hazelnut flavour has a true balanced and nice creamy mouth feel with a mellow cocoa content for all chocolate lovers. 

The Chocolate Drinks are selected for the health conscious consumers the range brings a delicious low calorie hot chocolate flavoured drink.The Chocolate taste of real chocolate drink is ideal as hot serving for every nice day or icy cold chocolate milk shake during summer.


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