品 牌:ICS
型 號:T416
價格: HK123.00
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ICS黑牌朱古力 (每包1千克)  "超低脂" 

 沖調示範: 2分鐘調製美味朱古力奶昔



荷蘭 ICS Black Choco “超低脂” 配方,每100克朱古力含2.3克脂肪,可能係市面上最低脂的朱古力飲品,朱古力味濃都芳香。

 Tasting notes:

ICS Black Choco is a classic cocoa drink that appeals consumers all over Europe, brings a smooth, rich chocolate drink with intense cocoa content. This is a true Low Fat product with less than 2.3g per per 100g serving. The selected ingredients give the rightbalance of taste, flavour and sweetness.

The Chocolate Drinks are selected for the health conscious consumers the range brings a delicious low calorie hot chocolate flavoured drink.The Chocolate taste of real chocolate drink is ideal as hot serving for every nice day or icy cold chocolate milk shake during summer.


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