Pelican Rouge "GRAZIA" 即溶咖啡

Pelican Rouge "GRAZIA" 即溶咖啡

品 牌:Pelican Rouge
型 號:T231
價格: HK179.00
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Pelican Rouge is a complete coffee solution that puts top quality, taste and enjoyment first ...              

A premium instant coffee made from the finest 100% Arabica beans, using freeze drying method lock up coffee aroma and flavour.

Pelican Rouge "GRAZIA" Instant Coffee 即溶咖啡                                          

 沖調示範: Easy!! 60秒即溶咖啡也可沖調出專業級的 Latte Macchiatto

Tasting Notes :  With a clean and balanced coffee flavour. A long aftertaste present comes along with a notable impression.

*香氣 :  柔滑細緻清新明亮,層次鲜明甜中帶回甘的口感。


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