ICS  士多啤梨奶昔 +  藍牌脫脂奶粉

ICS 士多啤梨奶昔 + 藍牌脫脂奶粉

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型 號:T302501
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ICS 士多啤梨奶昔 (每包1千克) 

 沖調示範: 2分鐘調製美味雲呢拿奶昔


荷蘭 ICS 士多啤梨奶昔擁有“低脂” 配方,每100克草士多啤梨奶昔含4.6克脂肪,擁有 “低卡” + “高鈣” +” 低脂” + “蛋白質”,沖泡出香滑的士多啤梨奶昔。

Tasting notes:

ICS Strawberry Shake has intense strawberry flavor content. The recipes bring up a freshness strawberry fraganceand silky mouth feeling excellent with cold serving and are perfect relaxation for any time of any season.

The Speciality Drinks don’t like most instant powder they are delicate and smoothie with a perfect balance between the flavour and the sweetness. The Speciality Drinks are an excellent refreshing taste for every relaxing moment.


ICS 藍牌脫脂奶粉 (每包500克) 


荷蘭 ICS Granulated Milk “高鈣” 配方,每100克藍牌脫脂奶粉含1200mg克鈣,注重健康的您必然之選。

Tasting notes:

Granulated Skimmed Milk is a premium quality milk product a great choice for your coffee, teas, cappuccinos, skinny lattes and mocha drinks amongst many others. This milk has a clean yet creamy taste and froths like a real cappuccino. If you are looking for a top quality instant milk makes a fantastic cappuccino topping.  This granulated milk is your Golden cup choice.

We select the premium quality milk from the world’s benchmark milk nation at ICS Holland, persons or coffee lovers seeking better kind’s of skimmed milk and granulated milk would definitely love The Milk make a fantastic cappuccino, skinny latte, creamy mocha and speciality drinks.




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