ICS Jazzy凍咖啡 x 2 包

ICS Jazzy凍咖啡 x 2 包

品 牌:ICS
型 號:T309X2
價格: HK216.00
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ICS Jazzy凍咖啡 (每包1千克)

 沖範 : Jazzy Coffee Pudding 咖啡布丁  (每包可冲約50杯)


荷蘭 ICS 凍咖啡擁有 “低脂” 配方,每100克凍咖啡含3.7克脂肪,擁有 “低卡” + “高鈣” +” 低脂” + “蛋白質”,沖泡出香滑的凍咖啡。

Tasting notes:

ICS Coffee Shake has strong rich coffee flavor content. The recipes bring up a well balanced coffee aroma and silky mouth feeling excellent with cold serving and are perfect relaxation for any time of any season.

The Speciality Drinks don’t like most instant powder they are delicate and smoothie with a perfect balance between the flavour and the sweetness. The Speciality Drinks are an excellent refreshing taste for every relaxing moment.


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